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Building on SharePoint for your learning infrastructure : A SlideShare presentation

Posted by Julie Delazyn Social networking, wikis, blogs, portals and collaboration tools play an increasingly important role, offering powerful ways to increase participation and sustain momentum in learning. Enterprise portal applications such as Microsoft SharePoint offer content management and facilitate information sharing across boundaries. According to Bill Finegan, Vice President... Read More

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Secure Testing in Remote Environments: A SlideShare Presentation

Posted by Julie Delazyn How can you be sure that someone taking an online exam away from a testing center or classroom is adhering to the guidelines put in place by your instructional staff? This SlideShare presentation will demonstrate how instructors can prevent or catch cheating and ensure a secure... Read More

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SlideShare presentation on writing high-complexity test items

Posted by Julie Delazyn Writing high-quality test items is difficult, but writing questions that go beyond checking knowledge is even more complex. James Parry, E-Testing Manager at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, Virginia, offered some valuable tips on advanced test item construction during a peer discussion at... Read More

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SlideShare Presentation on Assessment Feedback

Posted by Julie Delazyn The impact of assessments on learning is something Questionmark Chairman John Kleeman has written about extensively in this blog. He has explained psychology research that demonstrates the importance of retrieval practice – including taking formative quizzes with feedback -- as an efficient way of retaining learning... Read More

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Observational Assessments—why and how

Posted by Julie Delazyn In this article, we will look at: What an observational assessment is The advantages of observational assessmentsPotential biasesObservational assessment tools What is an observational assessment? An observational assessment is a test where an observer watches a participant perform a task and rates theirperformance, makingit possible to... Read More

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How SAP use Questionmark to deliver certification exams in 20 languages

Posted by John Kleeman At the recent European Association of Test Publishers conference, I presented jointly with Sue Martin and Ralf Kirchgaussner of SAP on blended delivery within SAP’s certification programme. You can see our presentation on SlideShare, but I thought I’d highlight in this blog how SAP uses Questionmark’s... Read More