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How to Solve the UK Skills Gap

It’s little wonder that with the onset of the 2020 pandemic and its repercussions including the great resignation and the mass adoption of remote work, the landscape of work has forever changed. With more people jumping into entirely new careers and a digital acceleration like never before, it’s perhaps no... Read More

Recruitment Skills gap Staff Retention Training Uncategorized @en_GB

The 7 Advantages of Internal Recruitment

The 7 advantages of internal recruitment Internal recruitment is the process of looking at existing team members and offering them a new role, rather than hiring a new member of staff externally. There are many benefits to this approach such as saving time and money, and already knowing the candidate.... Read More

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Court Ruling Requires Verifying Knowledge After Compliance Training

Posted by John Kleeman, Founder Is it good enough to run compliance training courses for employees? Or do you also have to check your workforce understand the training? A European court has just ruled that unverified training is insufficient to avoid compliance fines if a security breach happens. Here is... Read More

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Why it’s time to consider a skills gap analysis

Posted by Kristin Bernor, Head of External Relations Having employees with the right skills has always been integral to business success. But what are ‘the right’ skills? The pace of change within organizations makes this a complex question. Shifting objectives and the introduction of new technologies and techniques mean that... Read More