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Caveon Q&A: Enhanced security of high-stakes tests

Posted by Julie Delazyn Questionmark and Caveon Test Security, an industry leader in protecting high-stakes test programs, have recently joined forces to provide clients of both organizations with additional resources for their test administration toolboxes. Questionmark’s comprehensive platform offers many features that help ensure security and validity throughout the assessment... Read More

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Delivering exams in Europe? What must you do for Data Protection?

Posted by John Kleeman Regulators in Europe are increasingly active in data protection, and most European organizations are reviewing their suppliers to ensure data protection and security. If you are an awarding body, multinational corporation or publisher delivering tests and exams in Europe, what do you need to do to... Read More

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9 trends in compliance learning, training and assessment

Posted by John Kleeman Where is the world of compliance training, learning and assessment going? I’ve collaborated recently with two SAP experts, Thomas Jenewein of SAP and Simone Buchwald of EPI-USE, to write a white paper on “How to do it right – Learning, Training and Assessments in Regulatory Compliance”... Read More

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Case Study: Live monitoring offers security for online tests

Posted by Julie Delazyn Thomas Edison State College (TESC) is one of the oldest schools in the country designed specifically for adults. The college’s 20,000+ students, many of them involved with careers and families, live all over the world and favor courses that enable online study. In setting up online... Read More

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9 Tips to Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security

Posted by Chloe Mendonca The security of test results is crucial to the validity of test scores. Check out 9 tips to prevent cheating and ensure test security in the  infographic below. If you’d like more details about these and other tips on ensuring the security and defensibility of your assessments... Read More