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Caveon Q&A: Enhanced security of high-stakes tests

Posted by Julie Delazyn Questionmark and Caveon Test Security, an industry leader in protecting high-stakes test programs, have recently joined forces to provide clients of both organizations with additional resources for their test administration toolboxes. Questionmark’s comprehensive platform offers many features that help ensure security and validity throughout the assessment... Read More

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Q&A: High-stakes online tests for nurses

Posted by Julie Delazyn I spoke recently with Leanne Furby, Director of Testing Services at the National League for Nursing (NLN), about her case study presentation at the Questionmark 2015 Users Conference in Napa Valley March 10-13. Leanne’s presentation, Transitioning 70 Years of High-Stakes Testing to Questionmark, explains NLN’s switch... Read More

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Using OData for dynamic, customized reporting: Austin Fossey Q&A

Posted by Joan Phaup We’ll be exploring the power of the Open Data Protocol (OData) and its significance for assessment and measurement professionals during the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference in San Antonio March 4 – 7. Austin Fossey, our reporting and analytics manager, will explain the ins and outs of using... Read More

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Item Analysis Report – Item Difficulty Index

Posted by Austin Fossey In classical test theory, a common item statistic is the item’s difficulty index, or “p value.” Given many psychometricians’ notoriously poor spelling, might this be due to thinking that “difficulty” starts with p? Actually, the p stands for the proportion of participants who got the item... Read More

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A streamlined system for survey administration and reporting

Posted by Joan Phaup It’s great to talk to customers who will be presenting case studies at the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference. They all bring to their presentations the lessons they’ve learned from experience. Conference participants have always taken a keen interest in how to use surveys effectively, so I... Read More

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Better outcomes make the outcome better!

Posted by Joan Phaup As we build the program for the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference, I’m having a great time chatting with presenters about their plans. I spoke recently with Gail Watson from the US Marine Corps University’s College of Distance Education and Training. As an institution that educates large... Read More