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The Importance of Safety in the Utilities Industry: A Q&A with PG&E

Posted by Julie Delazyn Wendy Lau is a Psychometrician at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). She will be leading a discussion at Questionmark Conference 2016 in Miami, about Safety and the Utilities Industry: Why Assessments Matter. [caption id="attachment_16422" align="alignright" width="244"] Wendy Lau, Psychometrician, PG&E[/caption] Wendy’s session will describe a... Read More

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G Theory and Reliability for Assessments with Randomly Selected Items

Posted by Austin Fossey One of our webinar attendees recently emailed me to ask if there is a way to calculate reliability when items are randomly selected for delivery in a classical test theory (CTT) model.As with so many things, the answer comes from Lee Cronbach—but it’s not Cronbach’s Alpha. In... Read More