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The Importance of Safety in the Utilities Industry: A Q&A with PG&E

Posted by Julie Delazyn Wendy Lau is a Psychometrician at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). She will be leading a discussion at Questionmark Conference 2016 in Miami, about Safety and the Utilities Industry: Why Assessments Matter. [caption id="attachment_16422" align="alignright" width="244"] Wendy Lau, Psychometrician, PG&E[/caption] Wendy’s session will describe a... Read More

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G Theory and Reliability for Assessments with Randomly Selected Items

Posted by Austin Fossey One of our webinar attendees recently emailed me to ask if there is a way to calculate reliability when items are randomly selected for delivery in a classical test theory (CTT) model. As with so many things, the answer comes from Lee Cronbach—but it’s not Cronbach’s Alpha.... Read More

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Know what your questions are about before you deliver the test

Posted by Austin Fossey A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with an assessment manager at an educational institution—not a Questionmark customer, mind you. Finding nothing else in common, we eventually began discussing assessment design. At this institution (which will remain anonymous), he admitted that they are often pressed... Read More