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Podcast: An Innovative Approach to Delivering Questionmark Assessments

  Posted By Sarah Elkins The University of Bradford has recently developed an innovative e-assessment facility, using cutting-edge thin client technology to provide a 100-seat room dedicated primarily to summative assessment. The room provides enhanced security features for online assessment and has been used for the first time in 2009... Read More

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Podcast: Managing Test Data Effectively

Posted by Joan Phaup End-of-course tests taken by more  than 100,000 students per year give the Arkansas Department of Career Education enormous amounts of data to process. Managing and reporting on that data effectively is essential not only for promoting classroom improvement and measuring student performance but also for reporting to government regulatory agencies and... Read More

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Podcast: Assessments for Learning, Compliance and More

Posted by Joan Phaup Online assessments  are used in many different way at Sanlam Personal Finance in South Africa. The company uses Questionmark Perception to test competencies and product knowledge. Assessments also play an important role in compliance. And in keeping with the company's goal of engendering a high-performance culture, they are used on an ongoing basis to... Read More

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Podcast: Encouraging Faculty to Use Online Assessments

Posted by Joan Phaup Fox Valley Technical College makes a special effort to help faculty -- including those with little or no technological expertise -- make the transition to online quizzes and tests. The college's training team provides classroom, online and blended learning options for faculty. In today's podcast, Fox Valley System Administrator Vicki Sahr gives practical... Read More

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Podcast: Dr. Will Thalheimer on the Use of Feedback

Posted by Joan Phaup Dr.  Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research spoke with me recently about the role feedback plays in assessments and how it can be used to help learners. Our conversation touches on the basics of using feedback effectively; if you want to learn more about this subject I recommend... Read More

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Podcast: David Lewis on Large Scale Online Assessments at Glamorgan University

  Posted By Sarah Elkins David Lewis of Glamorgan University has extensive experience with Questionmark Perception. I spoke with him recently about the large scale implementation he has been working on at Glamorgan, where they use Questionmark for formative assessment, summative assessment and module evaluation. David also spoke about the... Read More

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Podcast: Tim Ellis on Lancaster University’s Module Evaluation System

Posted By Sarah Elkins I spoke recently with Tim Ellis about Lancaster University, which has a Virtual Learning Environment (LUVLE) that incorporates Questionmark Perception assessments as well as a  student-controlled social web space called MyPlace. In addition to discussing the general use of assessments at the university, we focused on... Read More

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Test Maintenance: Can’t Live Without It!

Posted by Joan Phaup I enjoyed talking recently with Shannon Bonner of Southern California Edison about the importance of good test maintenance and how to establish solid test maintenance practices. Listen to this podcast for tips about how to maintain the underlying validity of  assessments, ensure the quality of questions and protect... Read More