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Podcast: Essentials of Data Security for Online Assessments

Posted by Joan Phaup [caption id="attachment_7433" align="alignright" width="138" caption="Sean Decker"][/caption] Data security being a crucial component of Questionmark's D3 platform for Questionmark OnDemand hosted and subscription solutions, I got together recently with Questionmark chairman John Kleeman and Sean Decker, our IT architect, to learn more about how we  ensure the safety and... Read More

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Podcast: Streamlining sales training and regulatory compliance with online assessments

  Posted by Joan Phaup [caption id="attachment_6630" align="alignright" width="136" caption="Scott Hertzberg"][/caption] Pacific Pulmonary Services specializes in oxygen therapy for patients to use in their own homes. The company needs to ensure that sales people  understand all the different aspects of its products. And the company's delivery technicians must comply with FDA... Read More

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Podcast: Training and Certifying Aerospace Technicians at SpaceTEC®

  Posted by Joan Phaup Brevard Community College in Florida is the home of the SpaceTEC® National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education, which provides provides  professional certifications for U. S. Aerospace Technicians who work in civil, defense and commercial organizations nationwide. I spoke recently with SpaceTEC® Certification Manager Dave Fricton about this program,... Read More

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Podcast: Assessments for workers all across the globe

[caption id="attachment_5512" align="alignright" width="111" caption="Bon Crowder"][/caption]   Posted by Joan Phaup I spent some time talking the other day with Bon Crowder, a global instructional consultant for a large oilfield services company. She explained how her organization has expanded its use of online assessments to include not only high-stakes exams and... Read More

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Podcast: Assessments for new service technicians

[caption id="attachment_5417" align="alignright" width="142" caption="Per Schou-Neilsen"][/caption] Posted by Mel Lynch I recently had the opportunity to speak with Per Schou-Neilsen from Johnson Controls Denmark. Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology company with 130,000 employees in more than 150 countries.  Per, who is Manager for Learning and Development, Industrial Refrigeration,... Read More

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Podcast: Integrating Questionmark with SAP Learning Solution

  Posted by Joan Phaup I spoke recently with Tim Pospisil from the Nebraska Public Power District. He's a member of the team that implemented the first integration of Questionmark Perception with the SAP Learning Solution. Tim shared his experience during a case study presentation at the recent Questionmark Users Conference, and his... Read More