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9 trends in compliance learning, training and assessment

Posted by John Kleeman Where is the world of compliance training, learning and assessment going? I’ve collaborated recently with two SAP experts, Thomas Jenewein of SAP and Simone Buchwald of EPI-USE, to write a white paper on “How to do it right – Learning, Training and Assessments in Regulatory Compliance”... Read More

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Item Development – Training Item Writers

Posted by Austin Fossey Once we have defined the purpose of the assessment, completed our domain analysis, and finalized a test blueprint, we might be eager to jump right in to item writing, but there is one important step to take before we begin: training! Unless you are writing the entire... Read More

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2014 South African Users Conference – Addressing Compliance

Posted by Austin Fossey We are back from the first South African Users Conference which was hosted by Bytes People Solutions. Like all of our users conferences, the most valuable aspect of this gathering was hearing from our customers and potential customers—through presentations as well as informal conversations. Many attendees manage... Read More

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Field Test Studies: Taking your items for a test drive

Posted by Austin Fossey In large-scale assessment, a significant amount of work goes into writing items before a participant ever sees them. Items are drafted, edited, reviewed for accuracy, checked for bias, and usually rewritten several times before they are ready to be deployed. Despite all this work, a true test... Read More

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9 Tips to Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security

Posted by Chloe Mendonca The security of test results is crucial to the validity of test scores. Check out 9 tips to prevent cheating and ensure test security in the  infographic below. If you’d like more details about these and other tips on ensuring the security and defensibility of your assessments... Read More

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Using Diagnostic Assessments to Improve a Government Agency’s Workforce

Posted by Julie Delazyn The Aurelius Group (TAG) provides Federal acquisition, human capital, and technology consulting to private industry, federal agencies, and the U.S. Department of Defense. One of their clients is a large Federal agency that, faced with an expanding workload, inexperienced employees and increasingly scarce resources, needed to... Read More