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Creating scenario-based assessments

Scenario-based assessments (like this one, for example) are a great way to test learners' understanding of a specific subject or gauge how someone would react in certain circumstances. You can create scenario-based assessments in Questionmark Perception version 5 by grouping a series of questions with a single stimulus such as a reading passage, case... Read More

Demonstrations General Innovative Technologies Interoperability Videos

Installing Perception in Amazon’s Cloud – Part 2

Posted bySteve Lay In my last post, I introduced system administrators and developers to Amazon’s cloud-based computing service EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and showed how to launch a virtual machine suitable for installing Questionmark Perception. In this part, I show you how to log in to your virtual machine for... Read More

Demonstrations General Innovative Technologies Interoperability Videos

Installing Perception in Amazon's Cloud – Part 1

Posted bySteve Lay In my last post, I wandered lonely as a virtual machine – with apologies to William Wordsworth, I introduced the idea of cloud-based computing and some of the reasons why so many server rooms are being 'virtualized'. Many of our OnPremise customers are already using virtual machines... Read More

Authoring Demonstrations General Innovative Technologies Videos

Authoring questions in a CSV file and importing them into Questionmark Live

Posted by Doug Peterson Questionmark Live is an easy means of authoring questions, but sometimes it’s helpful to import questions authored elsewhere. Being able to import questions that have been saved in a CSV file makes a lot of sense when an author is traveling and doesn’t have access to... Read More

Demonstrations How-To's Innovative Technologies

Keeping surveys anonymous even when controlling access to them

When you run a course evaluation or survey in Questionmark Perception, you will likely want to make responses anonymous so that people will give you the candid feedback you need. But what if you want  to make sure that each person takes the survey just once? Can you control access to a survey and still make... Read More

Demonstrations General How-To's Innovative Technologies Psychometrics

Using the Test Center Analysis report in Questionmark Analytics

This week’s “how to” article highlights the “Test Center Analysis report,” one of the Questionmark Analytics reports now available in Questionmark OnDemand. What it does: The Test Center Analysis Report allows users to evaluate the performance of participants who have been scheduled to take assessments at Test Centers. The report flags... Read More

Authoring Demonstrations General How-To's Innovative Technologies

Importing content into Questionmark Live

Questionmark Live, Questionmark’s browser-based authoring tool, makes it easy for subject matter experts to collaborate in writing and editing assessment questions. They can create new questions or import content from elsewhere. They can import text-based content from many different systems: LXR Test 6.1 Merge Blackboard 6/8/9 Pool Blackboard Upload Questionmark... Read More

General How-To's Innovative Technologies Mobile Assessments

Delivering Assessments to Android Devices

Mobile devices make it easy to deliver surveys, knowledge checks, quizzes and other assessments anywhere, anytime. Auto-sensing and auto-sizing makes it possible to deliver Questionmark assessments to a variety of different devices regardless of their various screen sizes and technology platforms. And results from assessments delivered to many different environments... Read More