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12 Tips for Writing Good Test Questions

Posted by Joan Phaup Writing effective questions takes time and practice. Whether your goal is to measure knowledge and skills, survey opinions and attitudes or enhance a learning experience, poorly worded questions can adversely affect the quality of the results. I've gleaned the following tips for writing and reviewing questions from Questionmark's... Read More

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Test Maintenance: Can’t Live Without It!

Posted by Joan Phaup I enjoyed talking recently with Shannon Bonner of Southern California Edison about the importance of good test maintenance and how to establish solid test maintenance practices. Listen to this podcast for tips about how to maintain the underlying validity of  assessments, ensure the quality of questions and protect... Read More

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Psychometrics 101: How do I know if an assessment is reliable? (Part 3)

Posted by Greg Pope Following up from my posts last week on reliability I thought I would finish up on this theme by explaining the internal consistency reliability measure: Cronbach's Alpha. Cronbach’s Alpha produces the same results as the Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 (KR-20) internal consistency reliability for dichotomously scored questions... Read More


Understanding Assessment Validity and Reliability

Posted by Julie Chazyn Assessments are not all created equal…Those that are both reliable and valid are the superior ones that support learning and measure knowledge most effectively.  But how can  authors make sure they are producing valid, reliable assessments? I picked up some tips about this in revisiting the Questionmark White Paper, Assessments through... Read More

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Sharon Shrock & Bill Coscarelli Interview on Criterion-Referenced Testing

Posted by Joan Phaup I enjoyed talking recently with Sharon Shrock and Bill Coscarelli, who spoke at the Questionmark 2009 Users Conference. Their keynote address covered the 25 years of progress in Criterion-Referenced Test Development and gave everyone at the conference some excellent background on this increasingly important subject. I had some questions for them about... Read More

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Defining Assessment Terms: Tools for Getting the Right Results

Posted by Julie Chazyn In creating good, solid surveys, quizzes, test and exams it’s essential to understand what type of assessment will give you appropriate and actionable results.  We believe the ultimate objective of the assessment directly influences how it will be structured. This requires understanding the subtle distinctions that... Read More

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Psychometrics 101: How do I know if an assessment is reliable? (Part 2)

Posted by Greg Pope In my last post I offered some general information about assessment reliability. Below are some additional specific things to consider. What factors / test characteristics generally influence internal consistency reliability coefficient values? A.    Item difficulty: Items that are extremely hard or extremely easy affect discrimination and... Read More