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Problem Questions and Summary – Item Writing Guide, Part 5

Posted by Doug Peterson Let’s look at two more item writing problems. These last two are a little controversial. The stimulus for this question tells a wonderful story. The problem is, the first three sentences contain no information that relates to the question. A long stimulus full of extraneous, unneeded... Read More

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Summer webinars — including tips on better test planning and delivery

Posted by Joan Phaup Students (and teachers) may be clicking their heels about summer vacation, but the joy of learning continues year-round for us! Helping our customers understand how to use assessments effectively is as important to us as providing good testing and assessment technologies -- we 're keeping our web seminars going... Read More

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Delivering assessments in multiple languages: What are your options?

Posted by Jim Farrell Test publishers, businesses and other organizations that operate internationally or have multilingual audiences need to provide a consistent experience for  all participants, regardless of what language they speak. I’d like to explain how we at Questionmark can help you achieve this and the options we offer... Read More

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Building on SharePoint for your learning infrastructure : A SlideShare presentation

Posted by Julie Delazyn Social networking, wikis, blogs, portals and collaboration tools play an increasingly important role, offering powerful ways to increase participation and sustain momentum in learning. Enterprise portal applications such as Microsoft SharePoint offer content management and facilitate information sharing across boundaries. According to Bill Finegan, Vice President... Read More

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Webinars on Mobile Assessment, Regulatory Compliance and Browser-Based Authoring

Posted by Chloe Mendonca Our current UK Web seminars offer technology updates and some guidance on how to use assessment to benefit your organisation. All of these one-hour webinars are scheduled for 11 a.m. London BST What’s New in Questionmark Live Browser-Based Authoring? – June 12 and July 4 Subject matter experts... Read More

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Video: How to create hotspot questions for quizzes and tests

Posted by Brian McNamara In the past couple of months we've been excited to share new assessment authoring features that you can use in Questionmark Live. We have most recently discussed the built-in math formula editor and a LaTeX formula editor. Today, I have put together a video on how... Read More

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Observational Assessments—why and how

Posted by Julie Delazyn An Observational Assessment, in which an observer watches a participant perform a task and rates his or her performance, make it possible to evaluate skills or abilities that are difficult to measure using “traditional” assessments. As Jim Farrell noted in a previous post, “By allowing a... Read More