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Certification in the Cloud and the Move to Online Proctoring: An interview with SAP’s manager of global certification

Posted by John Kleeman I recently interviewed Ralf Kirchgaessner, SAP’s manager of global certification, about how the cloud is changing SAP certification. This is a shortened version of my conversation with Ralf. To read the full previously published post, check out this SAP blog. John: What are the key reasons... Read More

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Performance testing is to certifications as simulation is to learning

Post by Howard Eisenberg I just attended the Performance Testing Council Summit. Performance testing is "testing by doing."  Exam developers create performance items that require candidates to actually perform real-world, authentic task not multiple-choice questions that have only one best answer or allow a low-ability candidate to guess the correct... Read More

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Big Shoes to Fill: A Q&A with Charlie Talmage

Posted by Julie Delazyn Sixteen years ago this week, Charlie Talmage started working at Questionmark. Things were a little different back then… not horse and buggy different, but Perception V 2.1 different, which is pretty crazy. [caption id="attachment_16122" align="alignright" width="299"] After 16 years of working as a Questionmark technical support... Read More

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SAP to present their global certification program at London briefing

Posted by Chloe Mendonca A key to SAP’s success is ensuring that the professional learning path of skilled SAP practitioners is continually supported – thereby making qualified experts on their cloud solutions readily available to customers, partners and consultants. In a world where current knowledge and skills are more important than... Read More

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Caveon Q&A: Enhanced security of high-stakes tests

Posted by Julie Delazyn Questionmark and Caveon Test Security, an industry leader in protecting high-stakes test programs, have recently joined forces to provide clients of both organizations with additional resources for their test administration toolboxes. Questionmark’s comprehensive platform offers many features that help ensure security and validity throughout the assessment... Read More