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One platform for all your assessments

We’re a leading assessment platform that helps government agencies, businesses, professional associations and academic institutions test and prove knowledge.
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Assessments with Questionmark

We believe assessments are critical to effective learning

That’s why we created an assessment platform that tests knowledge and skills better than anything else.

Trusted by the largest organizations in the world, it’s secure, inclusive and flexible, which makes it the best solution for proctored exams, certification, and global learning programs.​

Innovative technology and an expert team

Whether it’s skills, knowledge or attitudes you want to test, our innovative technology and expert team empower you to create assessments that prove how effective your learning process really is.

We’re subject matter experts

For over 30 years Questionmark has paved the way for more effective testing and certification worldwide.

We’ve helped more than 2,500 customers in that time, and we now deliver more than 18 million assessments a year. ​​

Why use Questionmark?

Our understanding of what makes a brilliant assessment program spans across sectors and organization size, meaning you get to learn and benefit from innovations driving other industries.

600 customers

Trusted by over 600 customers to run certification, training and compliance programs big and small.

30 years

Paving the way for more effective testing and certification worldwide for over 30 years.

80 Government departments

Securely delivering assessments for more than 80 global Government departments.

Award winners

Winners of the 2022 ITCC Innovation Award for our Instant Translate tool.

Where we work

Corporate Training & Compliance


With the capacity to handle high-volume exams across a variety of secure testing environments, our platform has been engineered for striking the right balance between test security and candidate accessibility required for leading certification programs.


We are trusted by over 80 government and military agencies around the world to power their assessment operations. We’re ISO 27001 certified and FedRAMP approved, making us the most secure choice.


Our platform gives universities and colleges the solution they need to keep exams going. From proctoring to authoring assessment content and scheduling, the entire process is easy to manage.

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