Why Questionmark?

By understanding the business issues our customers face, we help to solve them

Questionmark helps customers to solve their business problems.

To deliver value to their organizations and to customers as individuals. To make their lives easier and to perform better.

This means ensuring they have the right tools and information to make better informed decisions affecting all aspects of their people.

Who to hire? Who to promote? What training is needed, or not needed? Who has the right skills, or transferable skills? Who knows the regulations to comply with?

We do this by making it quick and simple to deliver secure tests. They are easy to create. Results are instantly marked and data is easy to analyze. We provide the professional services to help customers make the most of the platform and we provide a range of ready-made assessments.

By understanding the business issues that our customers are facing, we help to solve them.

Introducing Questionmark

Decisions matter. So the decision-making process should be informed and defensible. We help ensure these critical decisions are based on valid, reliable, and fair assessments, which can also be defended.

Transforming Decision Making with Staff Assessments

Questionmark can partner with teams and functions across the business to make more informed people decisions and to unlock personal and collective potential.

Why do staff assessments matter?

Regular testing and assessment of employees can reveal where strengths and weaknesses lie across the workforce. Training and interventions can be tailored, and the effectiveness of those measures can be tested by further assessment.

Decisions Matter: Delivering Value with Assessments

Online assessments help businesses and organizations to make more informed people decisions and to unlock personal and collective potential. They provide real value and deliver a return on investment.

How to Onboard with Us

We pride ourselves on offering great training and first-class customer support. Our customers tell us that test-setters and test-sitters find the platform easy to use and that our customer-facing teams are helpful experts.

A Matter of Trust

Times are changing rapidly. The decisions that employers make relating to their people matter now more than ever. How do you securely obtain the assessment data that can transform decision making while satisfying privacy concerns?

The Full Value of Assessments

Decisions matter. Too often critical business decisions, particularly those relating to people, are ill-informed. If they are based on bad information or made by those who are not qualified to do so, they are less likely to lead to the desired result.

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