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The Challenge? Shift a Global Certification Program from Pencil-and-Paper Testing to Online in 2 Months

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Sue Martin, Global Head of Personnel Certification at TÜV Rheinland, the leading provider of technical services worldwide, outlines how TÜV transformed their well-established Global Certification program from a paper-and-pencil program to a fully online Certification Hub in a matter of weeks — due to the accelerated sense of urgency in the pandemic.

After shifting all written exams to online format with remote proctoring, TÜV went on to rollout practical exams and portfolio assessments as well as a paper-and-pencil scanning capability. Sue speaks to:

  • The challenges they faced throughout the transition
  • The benefits of the transition and lessons learned
  • The vision of online proctoring remaining the “new normal” for TÜV post-COVID-19

She will focus on two case studies: Firstly, how they were able to continue to deliver and mark essay questions for multilingual exams; and secondly, how they assessed a practical exam with the assessor in the UK, the candidates in Spain and the content team in Germany.

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