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Beyond Recall: Taking Competency Assessments to the Next Level

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Is it possible to assess someone’s abilities to make judgments and decisions when faced with a dilemma?

Traditional knowledge-based tests and exams are designed to demonstrate what participants can remember, not what they can do. Whether used in recruitment, onboarding, compliance, training, career advancement or certification, assessments that go “beyond recall” offer organizations many distinct benefits.

As organizations face increasing scrutiny for how decision-making and judgment are exercised in the workplace, it is more important than ever that competency assessments focus not just on measuring knowledge but also on the deeper goal of gauging the cognitive abilities and skills that make for effective job performance including the exercise of judgment.

This session gives a general overview of why it’s important to go beyond recall in competency assessments, describes some routes to do so, and provides a practical introduction to how situational judgment assessments, written in Questionmark, can measure the abilities of employees to solve problems, make decisions and exercise sound judgment.

Key points covered in the webinar will include:

  • Different kinds of cognitive skills we can assess
  • Observational assessments
  • Introduction to Situational Judgment Assessments (SJAs)
  • Performance-based Testing

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