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Posted by Joan Phaup

How do learning organizations demonstrate the business value of their initiatives?
I was delighted to speak recently with Art Dobrucki, director of learning strategy and performance at Farmers Insurance Group, about how he and his colleagues approach this question.

Art Dobrucki

We talked about how important it is to start out by identifying the business problem to be solved, then basing learning and evaluation on desired business results and the behaviors people need to exhibit in order to achieve them.
Going on to identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need in order to exhibit those behaviors provides a framework for building and developing a strategic learning program with measurable results.
We also discussed the importance of coupling learning initiatives with a measurement strategy, the role of assessments in measurement and the effective use of training scorecards. It all adds up demonstrating that learning is an essential driver of organizational success.
I hope you enjoy this podcast of our conversation: