Job Task Analysis (JTA)

Rapid Authoring, Comprehensive Reporting for JTA Surveys

JTA Assessments to Identify and Validate Job Role Requirements

Job Task Analysis (JTA) surveys are used to analyze what tasks within a job role are most important. They are often used to construct and validate certification programs, to ensure that the questions being asked are relevant to the job.

JTA assessments enable organizations to get direct feedback from key employees and stakeholders about their day-to-day duties and provide insight into different dimensions of specific tasks, such as:

  • Whether the respondent performs or supervises a specific task
  • How the respondent rates the...
    • Difficulty of the task
    • Importance of the task
    • Frequency of the task

JTA Survey Authoring

Job Task Analysis questions can now be authored in Questionmark OnDemand or Questionmark OnPremise.  

Authoring a JTA matrix question 

JTA Survey - Participant Experience

Participants rate dimensions of each task using an intuitive matrix-style interface:

Participant View of JTA question

JTA Survey Reporting

Job task analysis surveys provide valuable data validate competency assessment conent and crucial audit trails and documentation in the event test or exam validity is ever questioned or challenged. Once respondents have completed JTA survey assessments, administrators can generate reports to analyze results and share with stakeholders.  

Questionmark provides two dedicated reports specific to JTA assessments:

  • The JTA Summary Report provides the total percentage and number of participants that have selected each task, dimension, and choice in a JTA question.
  • The JTA Dimension by Demographic Report  groups results by task, dimension and demographic data.

In addition to these reports,  three JTA-related OData feeds in Questionmark's Results API  enable you to create custom dashboards for your results and/or analyze your results using business intelligence applications.

JTA Summary Report