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Defining Assessment Terms: Tools for Getting the Right Results

Posted by Julie Chazyn In creating good, solid surveys, quizzes, test and exams it’s essential to understand what type of assessment will give you appropriate and actionable results.  We believe the ultimate objective of the assessment directly influences how it will be structured. This requires understanding the subtle distinctions that... Read More

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Psychometrics 101: How do I know if an assessment is reliable? (Part 2)

Posted by Greg Pope In my last post I offered some general information about assessment reliability. Below are some additional specific things to consider. What factors / test characteristics generally influence internal consistency reliability coefficient values? A.    Item difficulty: Items that are extremely hard or extremely easy affect discrimination and... Read More

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Psychometrics 101: How do I know if my assessment is reliable? (Part 1)

Posted by Greg Pope At last week’s Questionmark Users Conference I presented a session on item and test analysis, and part of that session dealt with test score reliability. “Reliability” is used in everyday language: “My car runs reliably” means it starts every time. In the assessment realm we talk... Read More

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Psychometrics 101: Sample size and question difficulty (p-values)

Posted by Greg Pope With just a week to go before the Questionmark Users Conference, here's a little taste of the presentation I will be doing on psychometrics. I will also be running a session on Item Analysis and Test Analysis. So, let's talk about sample size and question difficulty!... Read More