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Using OData queries to calculate simple statistics

Posted by Steve Lay In previous blog posts we've looked at how to use OData clients, like the PowerPivot plugin for Excel, to create sophisticated reports based on the data exported from your Questionmark Analytics results warehouse. In this post, I'll show you that your web developers don't need a... Read More

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Assessments Through the Learning Process: Video & white paper

Posted by Julie Delazyn Quizzes, tests, and exams do so much more than determine whether or not a learner passed a training course. These assessments, as well as surveys, play a crucial role in learning, performance improvement and regulatory compliance. I'm please to share an 8-minute video that explores the... Read More

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Using Questionmark’s OData API to Create a Response Matrix

Posted by Austin Fossey A response matrix is a table of data in which each row represents a participant’s assessment attempt and each column represents an item. The cells show the score that each participant received for each item – valuable information that can help you with psychometric analysis. The... Read More

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Simulating real life: Questions that test application of knowledge

Posted By Doug Peterson Questionmark offers over 20 different question formats. We have the standard multiple choice, multiple response, true/false and yes/no question types. We also have question types with more interaction, to more fully engage the participant: hot spot and drag-and-drop, fill in blanks and select a blank, and... Read More

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Going BYOD? “Responsive Design” will help you get there

Posted by Brian McNamara We’ve talked about “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) in this blog recently – and about how many organizations within corporate learning and higher education are either starting to embrace the idea, or – at the very least – start planning for how they can be ready for... Read More

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Standard Setting: Compromise and Normative Methods

Posted by Austin Fossey We have discussed the Angoff and Bookmark methods of standard setting, which are two commonly used methods, but there are many more. I would again refer the interested reader to Hambleton and Pitoniak’s chapter in Educational Measurement (4th ed.) for descriptions of other criterion-referenced methods. Though... Read More