The Full Value of Online Assessments

Good decision-making must be based on accurate and relevant information. So, decisions relating to people should be based on valid, fair and defensible assessments. This white paper outlines ten critical areas where assessments improve decision-making and performance.

Assessments and COVID-19

This white paper gives advice to those at workplaces and universities and colleges who are considering the need to deliver online assessments to workers and students at home in the face of the COVID-19 challenge. It covers those who are currently delivering tests on paper and also those who currently deliver tests on screen with in-person proctoring.

Security of Questionmark’s EU OnDemand Service

This white paper is intended for use by Chief Technology Officers (CTO), Chief Security Officers (CSOs), IT Architects (ITAs) and others who need to understand the security of the Questionmark OnDemand service. This paper covers Questionmark’s European OnDemand service.

Assessing For Situational Judgment

In this white paper, we discuss how organizations can apply Situational Judgment Assessments (SJAs), the choices involved in creating them and how Questionmark can support testing professionals in authoring and deploying them.