Check training is working

Some 87% of employers are facing a skills gap.1 Workplace training has never been more important. But are employers confident that their training is delivering what it should?

Testing participants before and after training shows whether participants have learned what they were meant to. It can pinpoint further training needs, identify who doesn’t need it, and help employers strengthen learning and development programs.

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Identify the training need and reduce wasted training

Employers must understand what skills employers need training on. By testing the workforce before training, they can discover which skills are missing.

They can also identify who already has the relevant skills and so reduce wasted training.

Use case: AstraZeneca tests the effects of training with Questionmark

Pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca needs to regularly check the scientific knowledge of its sales team.

Before implementing Questionmark, AstraZeneca did its assessments on paper or CD-ROMs.

Moving to Questionmark increased the security of assessments, lightened the workload and simplified the process.

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