Helping retailers maximize their performance in the coronavirus fight back

The average staff turnover rate in the US retail industry is around 60%.

Employees are at the heart of the retail brand experience. However, with high turnover rates and a dispersed workforce, ensuring quality is a significant challenge. With traditional and online retailers competing, good assessments can help ensure consistency of the workforce.

Our assessment platform helps retailers to meet these challenges:

Assess Candidates:

Make informed and defensible hiring decisions


Ensuring the right standards across health and safety and the supply chain

Audit the mix of staff skills:

Informing how to allocate roles and responsibilities compliantly

Learning and Development

Retailers lose at least 236 million productive days and spend $19bn to hire and train new staff, and that’s in normal times before coronavirus.

Upskilling and reskilling staff is vital to help boost retention. This is especially important in retail, where staff retention can be a real issue.

Learning and development programs based on valid, reliable and fair assessments, which are also defensible, can help give staff new skills and boost retention.

Valid and reliable assessments help to pinpoint the skills shortages and identify priority areas for training. We help learning and development teams build training programs that boost skills and retention.


Just 17% of retail managers say their staff are engaged.

A culture of ‘check box’ compliance increases the risk of improper behavior. Good practice needs to become an embedded habit among employees, especially in an environment where staff turnover is high.

Compliance teams must run certification programs to help workers meet new requirements and build a culture of meaningful compliance.

Assessments help compliance teams to make informed decisions around potential areas of risk and weakness. Our platform and services help understand standards and identify the right training requirement.

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