Higher education

Keep crucial exams going

Our platform can give universities and colleges the one-stop-shop solution they need to keep exams and other tests and assessments going. Institutions around the world will limit face-to-face teaching during the next academic year. It is vital that assessments can still be delivered.

From proctoring to authoring assessment content and managing e-commerce, our platform makes the entire process easy to manage.

It provides a seamless experience for the test-taker. Results are easy to analyze and patterns and trends can be quickly identified.

Learn about preparing for a second wave and keeping assessments relevant in our white paper.

Protect the integrity of assessments

It is vital that the results of a high-stakes assessment can be trusted.

• Questionmark Record and Review records the assessment and flags any anomalies for future analysis

• Questionmark Proctoring Online is the most robust form of remote proctoring or invigilation. It enables tests to be taken remotely without compromising security or the integrity of the assessment. The assessment is supervised live by a proctor over webcam

Equipping students with the skills for today’s workforce

To prepare students for today’s workforce, universities and colleges must ensure they are assessing a wider range of skills than previously.

With our enterprise-grade assessment platform, institutions can draw from a variety of assessment formats. A greater range of skills and abilities can be tested.

Because the platform is straightforward to use, it is easy to create a greater number of assessments.

Set the right level of assessment

Our professional services team can advise on appropriate testing for qualifications.

Protect the integrity of tests and exams

A range of proctoring options are available to enhance the integrity of assessments.

Easy to adapt and amend

As new products require certification assessments, it is easy to amend and adapt content.

Scalable and reliable

Deliver worldwide at any scale robustly and reliably.

High-quality assessment software

Build trust and satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.

Quickly spot patterns and trends

Identify where changes need to be made in assessments, and make them immediately.

Author and amend content

And publish it immediately.

Core features

Unlimited number of test-takers

The platform can assess an unlimited number of test-takers from anywhere in the world.

Range of assessment formats

Make use of a range of assessment formats including ‘multiple choice’, ‘drag and drop’ and many more.

Instant access to results

Tests are automatically marked and results are instantly compiled. Trends and patterns are easy and quick to spot.

Item analysis

Drill-down into item statistics to help understand how effective the questions being asked are.  Available statistics include item difficulty p-value, high-low discrimination, item-total correlation discrimination, item-rest correlation discrimination and item reliability.

Create bespoke content

Create world-class assessment content to meet several different needs.

Get a Questionmark demo at a time that works for you.