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  1. Consulting and solution services

    relevance to the entire enterprise rely on Questionmark Consulting Services, which gives them the help of ... appropriate for the environment by Questionmark’s Technical Support team, helps ensure a timely, smooth and ... stakeholders are informed and engaged in the deployment process Learn helpful tips and avoid common mistakes ...

    Type: Solution

  2. Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

    Questionmark's technologies and services are widely used in highly regulated industries, helping organizations ... requirements Help employees master equipment operations, company procedures and safety rules Efficiently ... deliver and monitor course evaluations that help you improve  the effectiveness of learning programs ...

    Type: Solution

  3. Assessment solutions- Life sciences

    a range of assessment management capabilities that help ensure compliance, certify skills and align the ... help you improve effectiveness of learning programs Measure skills and close competency gaps to adapt ... subject matter experts from around the world. Help ensure compliance with 21 CFR (FDA) Part 11 Track and ...

    Type: Solution

  4. Technologies for selling tests

    Questionmark Perception  repository. Technologies for selling tests builds upon Questionmark comprehensive ... to select assessments in their Perception repository and "sell" access via an ecommerce ... Questionmark Perception Test publisher solutions are available as an optional enhancement to  on-demand ...

    Type: Solution

  5. Assessment solutions for learning & training

    analyze and share results with stakeholders. Questionmark's reporting and analytics help learning and ... version Services and consulting Questionmark provides a range of services aimed at helping organizations ...

    Type: Solution