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  1. Editing question properties

    Incomplete This is an incomplete question that is still being developed. No Experimental You can put ...

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  2. Questionmark 2013 Annual Users Conference

    Coscarelli, authors of  Criterion-Referenced Test Development: Technical and Legal Guidelines for Corporate ... and 10% from formal study-- has been adopted as a learning and development strategy by many ... Workshops Pre-Conference Workshop:  Criterion-Referenced Test Development- with Sharon Shrock and Bill ...

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  3. White Papers & eBooks

    White Papers and eBooks that help you develop and deploy valid, reliable assessments with ... are tools that any test developer should be using in their work. This eBook provides instruction on ... Item Development for Large-Scale Assessment Whether you work low-stakes assessments, small-scale ...

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  4. Questionmark Perception Training

    the end of the course, trainees will be able to: Create a repository in Authoring Manager Develop ... Topics in Authoring Manager Create questions in Authoring Manager Develop assessments in Authoring ... controlling assessment development Use the functions of system administration within Enterprise Manager Use ...

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  5. Sharon Shrock and William Coscarelli to Address Question mark Users Conference

    Test Development: Technical and Legal Guidelines for Corporate Training and Certification. Bill ... Criterion-Referenced Test Development: Technical and Legal Guidelines for Corporate Training and Certification. Dr. ... agencies in more than 50 countries. Sharon Shrock is professor of instructional development and evaluation ...

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  6. Questionmark/Caveon Partnership Offers Tighter Online Test Security

    unauthorized disclosures, and disclosers, of sensitive test information; and Legal support to provide the legal ... in helping organizations protect themselves from cheating and piracy.” “Test development costs ... a testing program up to a hundred thousand dollars and six to eighteen months of development time,” said ...

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  7. Customizing Questionmark Participant Interfaces

    Browser developer tools such as Firebug for Firefox and/or browser developer tools Language English (US) ...

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  8. Questionmark OnDemand Training

    authors. Objectives: By the end of the course, trainees will be able to: Develop effective Topics Create ... questions Develop assessments Publish assessments for delivery Use the functions of system administration ... Authoring- Developing Topics Identify the significance of topics and their outcomes in terms of diagnostic ...

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  9. Creating Valid, Reliable and Trustable Assessments

    All tests should be well developed and testing practices beneficial. There is extensive evidence ... engages participants in the design and development of test items and assessments. The course includes the ... following topics: The Test Development Process Development of Learning Objectives Topic Structure ...

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  10. Questionmark Conference 2017: Session Description

    Title: Staying Within the Law: How to ensure assessments will stand up to legal scrutiny ... promote. How do you ensure that your assessment program is safely grounded legally? This session by ... Questionmark founder John Kleeman gives an overview of some of the legal issues that you need to be aware of ...

    Type: Users conference