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  1. Learning opportunities

    users conference, including reasons why you should consider attending. Forum View our forum. Blog View ... our latest public blog posts. Podcasts Our podcasts feature interviews with learning and testing ... throughout the year and can be provided onsite. Developers Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform is ...

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  2. Question Mark America Demonstrates Interactive Quizzes, Surveys and Tests at American Society of Training and Development

    ™ America at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Technical and Skills Training ... screening for job seekers and opinion surveys. With the development of Question Mark for the Web during the ... with feedback returned within seconds. Closer to home, a new kiosk authoring tool makes it possible to ...

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  3. Deliver to smart phones, tablets, and mobile devices​

    authors and administrators to easily embed quizzes or surveys within wikis, blogs, and webpages.  Mobile ... blogs, portals, and websites Language English (US) Wikis, webpages, and blogs lend themselves effectively ... web pages and blogs are used as a job-aid the person can check their abilities before they return to ...

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  4. White Papers

    Managing Item Development for Large-Scale Assessment Language English (US) Whether you work ... understanding and applying some basic principles of item development will greatly enhance the quality of your ... results.  This 22-page white paper sets out item development steps that will help you create defensible ...

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  5. Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

    How to! page index How to! page index (this page) How to embed an assessment in a wiki, webpage, ... or blog How do I create a URL that links directly to a Questionmark assessment? SharePoint WordPress ...

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  6. Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

    SharePoint Connector documentation index This wiki contains information of interest to developers ... that have been integrated using 'Web Parts'. SharePoint Connector documentation index (this ...

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  7. Welcome to Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform™

    Blogs Keep track of recent developments by subscribing to one of our available blogs. Developer help ... Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform  is a service designed for developers who are using ... Questionmark's APIs to develop tools that integrate with Questionmark technologies. This developer-oriented area ...

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  8. Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

    How do I display an assessment in my WordPress blog? In this blogging platform, you will need to ... published the code for your assessment will be shown in your blog post. Please remember when creating a new ... Please note that is only possible to include the iFrame code in a self-hosted WordPress blog. Any blogs ...

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  9. Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

    How to embed an assessment in a wiki, webpage, or blog Wikis, webpages, and blogs lend themselves ... when wikis, webpages, and blogs are used as a job-aid, the person can check their abilities before they ... web pages and blogs can help to improve the users learning experience by: Maintaining a single place ...

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  10. Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

    Moodle Connector documentation index The Moodle Connector integrates Questionmark Perception with ... other customers. Moodle Connector documentation index (this page) Community Edition Installing the ...

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