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Safety in Numbers: Test Fraud in the Oil and Gas Industry

Is test fraud responsible for some of the health and safety challenges in the oil and gas industry? This report lifts the lid to find out.


A Comprehensive Test Fraud Checklist for Businesses Download


The Test Fraud Fallacy

Discover the true nature of test fraud and make use of our actionable resources to safeguard your workforce.


A Comprehensive Test Fraud Checklist for Businesses

The test fraud checklist can help reduce cheating in tests and exams by employees—and the resultant integrity and compliance issues.


5 Reasons Why Test Fraud is More Serious Than Just Flunking

The theory that you’re only cheating yourself when committing test fraud may not hold any weight in reality.


The Psychology of Test Fraud

When people cheat at tests and exams, their mindset is often similar to those that commit other types of fraud.


Investigating Test Fraud and Creating Reliable Assessments

Test fraud can undermine the integrity of an institution, the decision-making process of a business and even the safety of the public.


How Common is Test Fraud

When people cheat at tests and exams, it has serious consequences. It can lead to people getting results they don’t deserve.


Turbocharge Your LMS for Impact

Elevate the impact of your LMS with valid, and reliable assessment software that integrates seamlessly for rich & relevant data insights.

Case Study

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Delivering certifications successfully across a disparate customer base