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Cyber-Enabled Workforce: What it Means & How to Ensure Your Company is Prepared

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The risk of cyber breaches has only increased, as more employees are working remotely. Employees can be your organization’s greatest security threat, or, if you prepare them for today’s threat landscape, a critical role in supporting your organization’s cyber resilience.

Many organizations rely on standard security awareness to enhance their security posture but often, the training lacks the role-specific security context for employees to understand how what they do impacts them and the organization. So, how do you find that gap between the cybersecurity skills your employees have and those that your employees need?

In this webinar with cybersecurity workforce development experts, CyberVista, you will learn:

  • What cyber-enabled means
  • What job roles should be cyber-enabled
  • How to build cyber culture within your organization
  • How assessments can help find vulnerabilities and enhance your organization’s security posture

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