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Justifying the Value of a Certified Business Partner Channel

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Vendors depend on their Business Partner (BP) channel to reach customers, often in different segments, and provide solutions based on the vendor’s key products. Success depends on these partners being deeply skilled in those products. After all, how can you sell the strategic benefits of these products and services without having the deep skills to completely and successfully understand the customer’s required functions?

Certifications are a proven method to demonstrate that the skills have been fully attained, by the BP company, as well as by the employees in that company.

To encourage the attainment of the certifications, it is important to demonstrate the value of those certifications to the vendor (who must develop and deploy a certification program), to the BP company (who must pay for the skills and certifications to be achieved), and to the BP’s employees (who must take time out of selling and implementing solutions to study for and take the certification exams).

Certifying your channel is a business-smart decision. This paper is intended to capture the value elements for each of these constituencies—i.e., the reasons why certification will be the key to success for each.

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Justifying the Value of a Certified Business Partner Channel