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Conference Highlights: Taking the Measure of Testing

The Conferences The last two weeks have seen two major assessment conferences occur. I was fortunate to attend both E-ATP (the European Association of Test Publishers conference and security summit) in London and then the following week the I.C.E. Exchange (Institute of Credentialing Excellence) in Savannah, Georgia. Both conferences had very full programs (I.C.E. even had sessions starting at … Continued

L&D: Why Assume When You Can Assess?

The benefit of assessments to your L&D program Assumption is often a dangerous thing; all too easy to do and often detrimental to base your decisions on. Because—in the same way you can’t assume people won’t cheat on a test because you’ve got the latest tech, or that an email sent with high importance will … Continued

Is Data Literacy a Way to Solve Digital Transformation Challenges in Your Organization?

Many organizations have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one. However, a lack of data literacy throughout the workforce can cause a sizable disconnect between the lofty goals of organizations and their attainment of these targets. At its heart, a successful digital transformation policy is the effective adoption of impactful digital technology by … Continued

Data literacy: How to support a data-driven culture

In a world where many businesses are changing course or sinking because of the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, the compass that should guide you safely ashore is data. Swift changes are now part of the daily routine: changes on restrictions in the way businesses operate, in the financial support available to businesses and individuals … Continued

The 7 Advantages of Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment is the process of looking at existing team members and offering them a new role, rather than hiring a new member of staff externally. There are many benefits to this approach such as saving time and money, and already knowing the candidate. This guide outlines the top seven advantages of internal recruitment. 1. Fostering … Continued

Understanding Person-Organization Fit

What is person-organization fit? Person-organization (P-O) fit theory refers to how aligned a person’s core values, beliefs, ethics and purpose are to those of the organization they work for. For example, someone who is results-focused and values speed will fit best with an organization that shares, and enacts, these values. It is separate from person-job … Continued

Questionmark and Workday Learning – Accelerating Together

The LMS integration When a company needs to conduct compliance testing, check the readiness of its customer-facing teams or channel, or conduct internal certifications, it often uses an assessment system like Questionmark together with its corporate LMS. The LMS orchestrates who needs to take assessments and allows the organization to consistently track progress arising from passing or failing … Continued