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Turbocharge Your LMS for Impact

Complement your LMS with rich & relevant assessment insights We know that your LMS is the best tool for delivering relevant training and learning to keep your workforce compliant, competent, and competitive. It’s the bedrock of any successful learning program and integral to L&D leaders’ success—but what if we told you that you could drive … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Our Digital Marketing Assessment

What is the Questionmark Digital Marketing Assessment? The Digital Marketing Knowledge test was designed to measure general knowledge about key concepts in digital marketing. Intended for job candidates and entry-level marketing employees, it’s an excellent tool to benchmark an individual’s skill level or screen a new hire for your marketing team. The test is made … Continued

Conference Highlights: Taking the Measure of Testing

The Conferences The last two weeks have seen two major assessment conferences occur. I was fortunate to attend both E-ATP (the European Association of Test Publishers conference and security summit) in London and then the following week the I.C.E. Exchange (Institute of Credentialing Excellence) in Savannah, Georgia. Both conferences had very full programs (I.C.E. even had sessions starting at … Continued

L&D: Why Assume When You Can Assess?

The benefit of assessments to your L&D program Assumption is often a dangerous thing; all too easy to do and often detrimental to base your decisions on. Because—in the same way you can’t assume people won’t cheat on a test because you’ve got the latest tech, or that an email sent with high importance will … Continued

Is Data Literacy a Way to Solve Digital Transformation Challenges in Your Organization?

Many organizations have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one. However, a lack of data literacy throughout the workforce can cause a sizable disconnect between the lofty goals of organizations and their attainment of these targets. At its heart, a successful digital transformation policy is the effective adoption of impactful digital technology by … Continued

How to Solve the UK Skills Gap

It’s little wonder that with the onset of the 2020 pandemic and its repercussions including the great resignation and the mass adoption of remote work, the landscape of work has forever changed. With more people jumping into entirely new careers and a digital acceleration like never before, it’s perhaps no surprise that the UK has reached a … Continued

How to Measure Training Effectiveness

Training programs play a vital role in developing talent, engaging employees, and ensuring compliance. Yet it’s just as important to ensure you measure training effectiveness properly – or you could be wasting time and money. When employers invest in building their workforce’s skills, they need to know that learning outcomes have been achieved and that employee performance … Continued