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What are Behavioral Competencies?

Competencies are complex behaviors required to deliver the desired outcomes at work. “Behavioral competencies” are skills, knowledge and abilities that we develop in relation to other people and our environment. Some examples include leadership, teamwork, negotiation and conflict resolution, while others reflect our responses to the world around us, such as initiative, adaptability and problem-solving. … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Top Talent: Strategies for Recruiters

As the competition for top talent intensifies and skills gaps become commonplace, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for recruiters to hire the best candidates. In today’s job market, recruiters must adopt new sourcing strategies to find the most qualified and talented candidates. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the best candidate sourcing … Continued

Mastering Item Analysis

What is item analysis? Item analysis is one of the most important things to do when working with tests and exams. It flags poor quality items (another name for questions) and allows you to review them and improve the quality of the test.  Item analysis looks at the performance of each item within a test … Continued

A Complete Guide to Observational Assessments

In this article, we will look at what an observational assessment is, the advantages of observational assessments, the risk of potential biases and observational assessment tools. Quick Links What is an observational assessment? An observational assessment is a test where an observer watches a participant perform a task and rates their performance, making it possible … Continued

The Reality of Exam Results Tampering and How to Solve It

What is exam result tampering or hacking? Tampering with results is when someone takes a test, but after they take it, the results are changed or subverted, for example, to make someone pass who should have failed. This article considers the risks and prevalence of tampering with or subverting assessment results and how to prevent … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Our Digital Marketing Assessment

What is the Questionmark Digital Marketing Assessment? The Digital Marketing Knowledge test was designed to measure general knowledge about key concepts in digital marketing. Intended for job candidates and entry-level marketing employees, it’s an excellent tool to benchmark an individual’s skill level or screen a new hire for your marketing team. The test is made … Continued

Conference Highlights: Taking the Measure of Testing

The Conferences The last two weeks have seen two major assessment conferences occur. I was fortunate to attend both E-ATP (the European Association of Test Publishers conference and security summit) in London and then the following week the I.C.E. Exchange (Institute of Credentialing Excellence) in Savannah, Georgia. Both conferences had very full programs (I.C.E. even had sessions starting at … Continued