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Questionmark Retail Customer Care by TestGenius®

Questionmark Retail Customer Care by TestGenius®
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About the Questionmark Retail Customer Care test by TestGenius®

Questionmark Retail Customer Care by TestGenius® provides a ready-made assessment to test whether retail job candidates have the skills they need to deliver excellent customer care. It is available globally.

From Covid-19 to changing customer habits, traditional retailers face an existential threat. If they want to hold their own against the rise of online shopping, they need to make sure their customer-facing employees can deliver great customer service.

But retail job candidates come from a wide range of backgrounds with different strengths and weaknesses and often without previous retail experience. This can make it hard for retailers to know how has the right skills and who doesn’t.

Our test helps retailers ensure they can objectively assess all candidates and be sure they hire those who will deliver excellent customer care.


Key features of Questionmark Retail Customer Care test by TestGenius®

Help increase sales and save time and money with the Retail Customer Care Test.

The key features & benefits include:

  1. The test can help retailers get the accurate and reliable information they need to make informed hiring decisions for customer-facing roles.
  2. By reducing the number of interviews needed, the test enables retailers to save time and money.
  3. By recruiting the right people with the right skills, the test helps retailers to improve employee retention and increase customer satisfaction and sales.
  4. By using video-based questions, the test mimics difficult real-life situations and more accurately measures a candidate’s performance compared to a text-only test.
  5. When used in combination with the Questionmark platform, retailers can assess an unlimited number of test-takers, wherever they are based
  6. The assessment provides feedback on what people get wrong, helping retailers to make informed decisions about who they hire
  7. For existing customers, the test will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform
  8. For new customers, we will create a Questionmark area that contains the test and we will provide assistance to use the test

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