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Cybersecurity for home-based workers

Protecting against cyber breaches.
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About our cybersecurity test

Cybersecurity for home-based workers is a new offer to help organizations identify whether employees have the required cybersecurity knowledge to meet their compliance requirements and avoid cyber breaches when working from home.
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Key features of our cybersecurity test

Our cybersecurity assessment will help those organizations assess their state of readiness and identify how they could address any issues with their people working from home.

The key features include:

  1. Assess core cybersecurity knowledge
  2. Easily manage a transition to working from home securely
  3.  Maintain compliance with confidence
  4. identifies cybersecurity knowledge gaps, helping HR and IT teams recommend the appropriate training
  5. T security consultants can use the test to help their customers to identify strengths and weaknesses and get an understanding of competence across organizations.
  6. The assessment uses random selection so each person taking the test gets a slightly different sequence of questions, so organizations can test people again to measure knowledge later
  7. The assessment can be adapted by organizations that want to add their own questions for their specific needs.
  8. For existing customers, Cybersecurity for home-based workers will run on the repository in their Questionmark platform.
  9. Organizations can run reports to view performance across teams.


UK G-Cloud

Questionmark’s G-Cloud listing covers Cybersecurity for Home-based Workers within the latest iteration of the UK Government G-Cloud Framework, G-Cloud 13.

G-Cloud Service ID: 507673384528550

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