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Ready-made compliance assessments

Demonstrate compliance and increase customer trust with our ready-made compliance tests
Corporate training across industries

Compliance tests

Employers often struggle to identify what regulations and compliance procedures their employees know and follow. Poor understanding increases the chance of human error and puts the business at risk from regulatory breaches and fines, eroding customer trust.

Our tests help employers identify knowledge gaps, reduce risk, demonstrate compliance and increase customer trust.

Tests include:

How to use our ready made tests

Follow these easy steps to start using one of our ready made assessments

Delivering assessments across multiple devices

View a sample of the test

Dive right in and start taking the test for yourself – get a feel for the quality and efficacy of the questions and choose between UK and U.S. versions.

Using assessments to demonstrate knowledge and skills

Get set up

Get in contact with one of our friendly team who will guide you through the process and get you set up with the content you need.

Corporate learning

Launch assessments to your organization

Ensure your training efforts are working by incorporating regular assessments into your program. Improve performance, prove knowledge and skills and ensure compliance.

Report on your assessment program

Analyze and report on results

Use our comprehensive reports to analyze your employees’ performance, identify knowledge gaps and plan your future training.

Case study

Southwest Gas Company

More than 50,000 tests a year to ensure that employees and contractors meet the right technical and safety standards.
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