Ready-made Content

Ready-made content to assess business skills

Our new content offer gives customers assessments which they can use or adapt according to their needs.

We have introduced the service to sit alongside our platform and professional services, in response to demand from customers.

Over time, we will develop more ready-made assessments to help organizations measure and develop business skills.

Current Questionmark Content

Questionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment

Helps organizations and universities identify and select candidates with the highest potential, using a test of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Cybersecurity for home-based workers

Helps organizations identify whether employees have the required cybersecurity knowledge, to meet their compliance requirements and avoid cyber breaches when working from home.

GDPR for business professionals

Helps organizations test knowledge of staff from a wide range of functions that regularly use personal data and those that manage the data policy and demonstrate to regulators that robust measures have been taken.

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