Questionmark Thinking Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Tests

Questionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment

Questionmark has partnered with Cambridge Assessment to enable organisations and universities to make fair and informed decisions about the people they select and promote.

By partnering with world-class education expert Cambridge Assessment, customers can be sure that our Thinking Skills assessments are robust and can accurately evaluate critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Supporting organisations to recruit the right people

Identify the best recruits

Questionmark Thinking Skills problem solving testing can be used by organisations to recruit the best candidates and to identify high potential for leadership roles.

Distinguishing between high-achieving graduates

Questionmark Thinking skills can be used to differentiate between graduates with high cognitive levels so organisations can choose the best-performing applicants.

Critical skills for the modern workplace

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential to succeed at work, as demonstrated by World Economic Forum (WEF) research. The WEF ranks problem-solving and critical thinking as the two most important skills in its “Future of Jobs” report.

More important than technical skills

Research also suggests that critical thinking skills are often considered even more important than job-specific technical skills.

Existing tests do not make the grade

Questionmark Thinking Skills is unique in offering a reliable and objective measure of critical thinking and problem solving, vital skills not covered by traditional verbal and numerical reasoning tests.

Helping universities select the best candidates

Selecting the students who will thrive

Questionmark Thinking Skills helps universities select the students who will thrive and success on their university course through comprehensive problem solving testing.

Identifying core skills

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are core competencies in how students approach complex challenges.

Assessing the core skills

Studies have shown strong correlations between candidates who score highly on Thinking Skills admissions tests and those who achieve a first-class degree.

Used by the best

Cambridge Assessment customers include some of the most selective universities in the UK, such as the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. They also include leading universities around the world, such as Stockholm School of Economics and Ashoka University.

Core features

Direct testing of critical thinking and problem solving

Many assessments test verbal and numerical literacy, which are only a proxy for critical thinking and problem solving. Questionmark Thinking Skills directly tests these skills.

Separate scores for critical thinking and problem solving

A distinct score is provided for each skill so organisations can select the candidates whose skills match to relevant tasks and job roles.

Predictive analysis

Questionmark can work with customers to evaluate the effectiveness of the assessment and build evidence that it predicts success.

Automated and instant marking

Results are instantly calculated and given to the assessor, and can be given to the candidate.

Seamless review and decision making

Assessors can make quick decisions on candidates by reviewing how well they scored in critical thinking and problem solving tests compared to the cohort.

Combined reports

Questionmark Thinking Skills assessment results are available alongside reports from bespoke assessments built by the customer.

For more information on our Thinking Skills assessment, see the Test Specification.

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