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Standard Setting: Bookmark Method Overview

Posted by Austin Fossey In my last post, I spoke about using the Angoff Method to determine cut scores in a criterion-referenced assessment. Another commonly used method is the Bookmark Method. While both can be applied to a criterion-referenced assessment, Bookmark is often used in large-scale assessments with multiple forms... Read More

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Five Steps to Better Test Design and Delivery

[caption id="attachment_11938" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Doug Peterson"][/caption] Posted by Joan Phaup I’ve been enjoying a series of posts in this blog my colleague Doug Peterson about Test Design and Delivery – so much so that I suggested he elaborate on this theme during a presentation at the Questionmark 2013 Users Conference... Read More

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How much do you know about assessment? Quiz 5: Designing Assessments

Posted by John Kleeman Here is the fifth of our series of quizzes on assessment subjects, authored in conjunction with Neil Bachelor of Pure Questions. This week’s quiz is on designing assessments, a large topic area, but we’ve selected some interesting questions to check your understanding. Here are links to... Read More

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The Future Looks Bright

Posted by Jim Farrell [caption id="attachment_9847" align="alignright" width="286"] Snapshot from a "Future Solutions" focus group[/caption] Our Users Conferences are a time for us to celebrate our accomplishments and look forward to the challenges that lie in front of us. This year’s conference was full of amazing sessions presented by Questionmark... Read More