Questionmark™ Perception™ Printing and Scanning

Author in Perception. Deliver Online or on Paper. Score Assessments and Report on Results with Perception.


Although online assessment delivery offers many benefits, sometimes the traditional paper-and-pencil method is simply more practical. Printing and Scanning is an assessment printing and scanning solution for Perception that enables users to author assessments in Perception that participants may read and answer on paper. Participant responses can then be scanned and uploaded to Perception for scoring and reporting.


Benefits of Printing and Scanning

  • Authoring and item banking in Perception
  • Blended assessment delivery
  • Integrated reporting of test results
  • Quick, comprehensive reports
  • Compatibility with many scanning systems

The Process

  • Print from Perception: An assessment can be printed out from Authoring Manager onto paper using Microsoft® Word templates. Upon printing, Perception saves an “assessment snapshot” used to score participant responses.
  • Deliver on Paper: Participants then take their assessments and submit their responses by marking 'bubble sheets'
  • Scan and Upload: Next, the bubble sheets are scanned, and the response data is read by the scanning software which produces an Assessment Data File. Data from this file is uploaded to the Perception database.
  • Report on Results: Responses can be analysed using Enterprise Reporter in Enterprise Manager.

Paper Delivery Options

The following scanning technologies can be used with Perception Printing and Scanning:

  • OMR (Optical Mark Reader): Print question sheets and booklets that can be used with standardised answer forms or “bubble sheets” for use with OMR scanners.
  • OCR (Optical Character Reader): Print both questions and response fields onto a single page, a method that can be used in conjunction with certain OCR scanning solutions.


Questionmark Perception scores participant responses and makes the results available for reporting in Enterprise Reporter. Report types include an assessment overview, grade book report, question statistics, survey, coaching, gap, item analysis, score list and transcript reports. It is also possible to export results to ASCII or Excel for further analysis.

Combined Results

Printing and Scanning does away with the need to treat the results of paper-based assessments differently than those from online surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. With Printing and Scanning, all the results can be analysed and reported on in the same place.

For assessments that have been delivered both online and via Printing and Scanning, Perception reports on the “scanned” and online results together. Alternatively, you can apply filters to a report to display only the results you want to see.

Supported Question Types

The following types of questions can be used with Printing and Scanning assessments:

  • Multiple Choice

  • True / False

  • Yes / No

  • Likert Scale

  • Multiple Response

Technical Requirements

  • Authoring Manager 4.3 or higher
  • Perception Server 4.3 or higher
  • OMR or OCR Scanner
  • Scanning software that can save scanned answers to Perception-compatible format