Solutions for regulatory compliance


Assessments play an essential role in a credible and defensible compliance strategy. Questionmark's technologies and services are widely used in highly regulated industries, helping organizations to:

  • Test employees in multiple locations, including those on the move
  • Track and report the state of compliance and respond promptly to requests for compliance audits.
  • Improve and document employee knowledge of complex standard operating procedures.
  • Ensure employee knowledge of existing and new legal and regulatory requirements
  • Help employees master equipment operations, company procedures and safety rules
  • Efficiently deliver and monitor course evaluations that help you improve  the effectiveness of learning programs
  • Measure skills and close competency gaps.

Why Questionmark?


  • Questionmark assessment results are safely stored within the central repository, serving as your assessment management system to simplify any inspection process.
  • Solutions and features that minimise opportunities for cheating and ensure the security of test content, results and scoring algorithms.
  • On Demand solution hosted in a state-of-the-art, SAS 70 Type II-certified data center


  • Rapid deployment of online assessments on a local or global scale
  • Storing results centrally gives geographically dispersed workforces a clear view of what people know and areas in which interventions are required.
  • OnDemand platform with multiple redundant connections to the internet and power grid offering 99.99% uptime


  • Author once, deliver to different types of devices and in multiple languages and contexts
  • Randomised assessments can be created from item banks to give employees multiple and varied questions on the same subject.
  • Assessments that present scenarios simulating real-world working situations demonstrate an employee’s ability to apply what they have learned instead of just memorising facts.
  • Analyse results and inform stakeholders through timely, meaningful reports


  • Accommodate participants with disabilities

Collaborative authoring

Questionmark enables geographically dispersed assessment authors and testing professionals to create, review and deploy items and tests in shared repositories. Questions can be organised by topics and sub-topics and classified by difficulty levels and other criteria.

Translation management streamlines localisation and delivery of multilingual assessments.

Collaborative authoring

Blended Delivery

Questionmark's responsive design capabilities take the guesswork out of blended delivery. Author an assessment once and then deliver it via many different types of devices—from PCs and Macs to tablets and smart phones. Flexible delivery options make it easy to deliver observational assessments. Assessments may also be delivered via integration with other systems or can be printed for scanning in participant's answers. 


Blended Delivery

Secure delivery and content

Questionmark helps protect valuable exam content and ensure the integrity of results by providing a broad range of secure delivery options, including the ability to require proctoring for exam delivery -- and the ability to integrate with online proctoring solutions.  

Tests and exams can be delivered via secure, lock-down browsers including Questionmark Secure for Windows, Questionmark Secure for Mac and Questionmark Secure for iPad. Questionmark Secure provides a secure environment for exam delivery, "locking down" the candidates devices, disabling the keys and functions used to print, screen capture and task-switch. Questionmark Secure can significantly reduce the risk of cheating when deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation, content theft and cheating deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation and content theft.

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Secure delivery and content

Reporting and analytics

Questionmark offers many predefined reports and analytics—including item analysis, test analysis, survey reporting and more—that enable you to analyse and share results with stakeholders. Questionmark's reporting and analytics help learning and training professionals determine:

  • What did participants think of the learning experience?
  • What did participants learn from the training or course?
  • How do I coach test takers to improve performance?
  • Are my questions valid and reliable?
  • How did one group of test takers compare to another?

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Reporting and analytics


Test administrators are also often required to meet the needs of participants with disabilities. Questionmark’s delivery platform includes several standard templates that include “text sizing” and “contrast controls” that administrators can make available to participants. Examples of accessibility features include:

  • Exam delivery templates with “text sizing” and “contrast controls”
  • Ability for administrator to "override" exam time limits
  • Support for candidates that need to use alternate pointing devices
  • Exam delivery optimised to support candidates using screen-readers

Services and Consulting

Questionmark provides a range of services aimed at helping organisations

  • Accelerate time to deployment
  • Automate business processes
  • Customise reporting and analytics
  • Deploy and integrate Questionmark with other systems

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Assessments and GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) is a European privacy law imposing rules on organizations that store or manage data of EU residents. Chances are this regulation will impact you!

GDPR requires your organization to protect people’s privacy and your employees need to understand their responsibilities to mitigate risks of non-compliance. But is simply training them enough to be compliant? This complex legislation comes with severe financial penalties - how can you ensure AND PROVE that your employees get it.

Testing employees’ knowledge and documenting their understanding doesn’t only help to mitigate risk and minimize potential penalties, it also demonstrates that you take compliance seriously.

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