Solutions for Awarding Bodies and Test Publishers

Assessment management and portal solutions for flexible authoring, streamlined publishing, secure delivery and a dependable candidate experience

Solutions for Awarding Bodies, Test Publishers and Credentialing Organizations

Assessment management and portal solutions to enable:

  • Certification and licensing exams
  • Practice tests
  • Job task analysis
  • Candidate surveys
  • Candidate portals and resgistration
  • Online-proctored exam delivery

Take Control of Your Testing Program

Awarding bodies, test publishers and credentialing organisations worldwide count on Questionmark for cost-effective and profitable delivery and management of certification exams and practice tests.

  • Item banking and authoring
  • Turnkey candidate portal solutions
  • Scalable platform for high-volume delivery
  • Collaborative, secure environment for item authoring
  • Publish directly to server - tests instantly available
  • Secure delivery to protect exam content and reduce cheating
  • Integrates with online proctoring services
  • Built-in reporting including test and item analysis
  • Translation management for multilingual tests
  • Scalable platform for high-volume delivery

Item Banking

Questionmark’s item banking capabilities provide a secure, collaborative environment for test authors and administrators to keep exam content up-to-date and ready for deployment in production assessments. Item banking from Questionmark enables awarding bodies and test publishers to:

  • Organise items hierarchically and by metatag to align with skills and competencies
  • Track changes to items and rollback to previous versions
  • Item version histories for auditing and defensibility
  • Use advanced item search features to identify items that may need updating
  • Collaborate securely in creating, reviewing and selecting exam questions
  • Classify, categorise and structure item storage for enhanced automation and scalability in test form creation and maintenance

Collaborative Authoring

Questionmark provides a collaborative, secure authoring environment for test publishers, educators, learning professionals, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to create, review and manage items -- complete with version tracking and rollback features -- and then organize them into practice tests and exams.

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Collaborative Authoring

Secure Delivery and Content

Questionmark helps protect valuable exam content and ensure the integrity of results by providing a broad range of secure delivery options, including the ability to require proctoring (invigilation) for exam delivery -- and the ability to integrate with online proctoring solutions.  

Tests and exams can be delivered via secure, lock-down browsers including Questionmark Secure for Windows, Questionmark Secure for Mac and Questionmark Secure for iPad. Questionmark Secure provides a secure environment for exam delivery, "locking down" the candidates devices, disabling the keys and functions used to print, screen capture, and task-switch. Questionmark Secure can significantly reduce the risk of cheating when deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation, content theft and cheating deployed along with other defenses to combat impersonation and content theft.

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Secure Delivery and Content

Blended Delivery

Questionmark OnDemand's responsive design features take the guesswork out of blended delivery, enabling you to author an assessment once, schedule it once and then deliver it in as many different ways as they like – including standard web browsers on PCs or Macs and mobile devices such as Androids or iPhones.

Flexible delivery options make it easy to deliver observational assessments. Assessments may also be delivered via integration with other systems or can be printed for scanning in participant’s answers. 

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Blended Delivery

Reporting and Analytics

Questionmark OnDemand offers many pre-defined reports and analytics—including item analysis, test analysis, survey reporting, and more—that enable you to analyse and share results with stakeholders. Questionmark's reporting and analytics help learning and training professionals determine:

  • What did participants think of the learning experience?
  • What did participants learn from the training or course?
  • How do I coach test takers to improve performance? 
  • Are my questions valid and reliable?
  • How did one group of test takers compare to another?
Reporting and Analytics

Candidate Portals​

Questionmark’s turnkey assessment management, e-commerce and candidate portals enable test publishers and credentialing organizations to provide value to candidates while reducing the costs and administrative burdens of the marketing, sale and scheduling of tests and exams.

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Test administrators are also often required to meet the needs of participants with disabilities. Questionmark’s delivery platform includes several standard templates that include “text sizing” and “contrast controls” that administrators can make available to participants. Examples of accessibility features include:

  • Exam delivery templates with “text sizing” and “contrast controls”
  • Ability for administrator to "override" exam time limits
  • Support for candidates that need to use alternate pointing devices
  • Exam delivery optimised to support candidates using screen-readers

Global Support

  • 24x7 and flexible support plans to meet your needs
  • Support via phone, email and chat
  • Extensive range of support resources, product guides and online user communities
  • Year-round learning opportunities 


  • Built-in assessment screens, controls and login pages in 36 languages, including support for right-to-left languages
  • Translation Management System to streamline translation, management and delivery of localised content to multinational workforces