Questionmark Web Integration Services environment (QMWISe)

Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform includes flexible APIs and support of major industry standards ensure interoperability with a variety of enterprise systems.


Questionmark Web Integrated Services Environment, QMWISe, is a comprehensive series of web services methods that act as an Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that enable registration, management and reporting systems to tightly integrate with Questionmark.

What it Does

  • Enables customers to leverage existing software investments and improve developer productivity.
  • Allows developers to access and interact with Questionmark, making calls that add participants to the database and schedule them to assessments.
  • Allows users to pass full details of a participant with name, address, and organization in the same call, without having to break it up into lots of bits.
  • Makes it possible to call the Questionmark from any platform and any programming language.

Questionmark's Open Assessment Platform

Open Assessment Platform

With QMWISe you can...

  • find a list of all assessments available in Questionmark to decide which one to run;
  • enable a user to log into Questionmark without them having to enter their password;
  • add, delete, or change a participant in the Questionmark security database;
  • schedule all participants in a given category to take a particular test or tests;
  • find all people who scored 80%+ in test X and schedule them to take test Y.


Questionmark is already compliant with industry standards such as IMS and SCORM and is AICC certified. But in adding these web services APIs, Questionmark is helping customers protect their technology investments by providing closer integration than is currently envisioned by those standards. Questionmark’s strong commitment to open standards has already allowed us to integrate with many of the industry leaders.

QMWISe opens the door for a far richer integration process between Questionmark and many types of management systems. Customers who use QMWISe get direct access to more Questionmark functionality through a single, seamless interface that brings together all aspects of managing and delivering the learning experience.