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Questionmark podcasts feature interviews with learning and education professionals involved in online assessment. Users of the Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment management system share experiences, insights, best practices and lessons learned about their use of online surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Listeners can download the podcasts at no charge and listen to them whenever and wherever they like, using a desktop computer, laptop, or MP3 player.

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You may also choose to download and listen to selected Questionmark customers online podcast interviews by clicking on one of the links below. These links enable you to download and listen to the audio file, but will not subscribe you to podcast. 

Bon Crowder, a global instructional consultant for a large oilfield services company discusses how her organization has expanded its use of online assessments to include not only high-stakes exams and certifications but also formative assessments such as quizzes. (12 minutes)

Per Schou-Neilsen of Johnson Controls discusses how Johnson Controls use Questionmark Perception and previews his case study presentation at the 2010 European users conference. (8 minutes)

James Craig and Sarita Sanjoy from the University of Maryland Dental School explain how Questionmark is helping to prepare future dentists and dental hygienists for their professions. (12 minutes)

Tim Pospisil of Nebraska Public Power District discusses integrating SAP Learning Learning Solution with Questionmark Perception. (8 minutes)

Lynn Duffield of Verizon Business discusses pros and cons of different strategies for organizing test item banks. (11 minutes)

Stefanie Moerbeek, Senior Coordinator for Examination Development at EXIN, and Greg Pope, Questionmark’s Analytics and Psychometrics Manager, talk about the discussions and outcomes of the session, “Hot Topics in Assessment”, that they facilitated at Questionmark’s European Users Conference. (7 minutes)

Lynn Cram, in preparing to attend the Questionmark 2010 Users Conference, explains why she has attended every year since the first conference in 2003. (4:08 minutes)

Interview with Alan McCabe, Questionmark developer, discussing strategies for ensuring the accessibility of on-screen assessments. (4 minutes)

Interview with Lex Lucas from the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine who discusses how Questionmark Perception is used to create valid and reliable high stakes assessments for doctors in rural Australia. (9:59 minutes)

Interview with Dr. David Metcalf, the keynote speaker at the Questionmark 2010 Users Conference in Miami. (12:50 minutes)

Interview with John Dermo, e-Assessment Advisor at the University of Bradford, who discusses using cutting-edge thin client technology in a dedicated test center for delivering summative assessments. (12:50 minutes)

Interview with Karen Chisholm and Keith Peterson of the Arkansas Department of Career Education, which administers end-of-course assessments taken by more than 100,000 students annually. (12:48 minutes)

Interview with Mark Julius of Sanlam Personal Finance, who discusses the use of assessments to ensure compliance. (12 minutes)

Interview with Vicki Sahr of Fox Valley Technical College, who discusses practical tips for helping faculty embrace online testing. (8:20 minutes)

David Lewis of Glamorgan University discusses large scale use Questionmark for formative assessment, summative assessment and module evaluation. (21 minutes)

Adam Zaller from Services University of NCR discusses a global, skills-based certification program for customer engineers, and the role that experienced engineers played in designing and building the program. (9 minutes)

Rich Edwards, a professor at Kirkwood Community College recently began using Perception for placement tests. (9 minutes)

Shannon Bonner of Southern California Edison about the importance of good test maintenance and how to establish solid test maintenance practices. (7 minutes)

Sharon Shrock and Bill Coscarelli, who spoke at the Questionmark 2009 Users Conference. Their keynote address covered the 25 years of progress in Criterion-Referenced Test Development and gave everyone at the conference some excellent background on this increasingly important subject. (11 minutes)

Tim Ellis of Lancaster University, which has a Virtual Learning Environment (LUVLE) that incorporates Questionmark Perception assessments as well as a student-controlled social web space called MyPlace. (12 minutes)

Interview with Questionmark Users Conference Keynote Speaker Dr. Will Thalheimer of Work-Learning Research -- discusses (5:30 minutes)

Perception user interview - Research company using hosted deployment of Perception to deliver online surveys. (7:45 minutes)

Perception user interview - Community College faculty members use Questionmark Perception not only for high stakes tests but also for quizzes and surveys. (6 minutes)

Perception user interview - University deploys online assessments with advanced item types.  (14 minutes)

Perception user interview - Health insurance provider deploys online surveys and assessments for training evaluation, employee satisfaction surveys, needs assessments and more (8:52 minutes)

Perception user interview - Best practices and lessons learned to plan a painless migration from Perception v3 to v4 (9:24 minutes)

Perception user interview - High Volume Testing in Multiple Environments (5:30 minutes)

Perception user interview -  Delivering Assessments via PocketPCs helps students with instant, in-class feedback and enables instructors to tailor lectures based on instant assessment results reporting (11:43 minutes)

Perception user interview - Item Analysis, Reliability and Validity of Online Assessments (5 minutes)

Perception user interview - Using Questionmark Perception for Level 3 and Level 4 Assessments for IT Professionals  (8 minutes)

Perception user interview - Using Questionmark Perception for performance based testing -- in particular the use of proficiency assessments using software simulation that leverage to integration of Flash and Captivate with Questionmark Perception (5 minutes)

Podcast basics

What software do you need? Technically, you do not need software to listen to a podcasts. Questionmark, for example, allows you to you listen to podcasts by streaming them right from our website. But assuming you want to download the podcast mp3 to a personal mp3 device or to your desktop, you will need software. There are many out there.

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