Questionmark Badging

Recognise Assessment Outcomes with Verifiable, Portable Digital Credentials

Give Digital Badges with Successful Assessment Outcomes

With Questionmark's Badging App you can associate digital badges with Questionmark assessments. Businesses, certification providers, governmental organisations and universities can issue portable, verifiable digital credentials in recognition of participants' certifications, competencies, skills and knowledge demonstrated through successful assessment outcomes. 

The app couples Questionmark's capabilities in delivering valid, reliable and trustworthy assessments with the industry-leading digital credentialing platform from Credly. Certified compliant with IMS's Open Badges Specification, the digital badges you associate with your assessments are more than a visual representation of accomplishment -- they are verifiable, portable credentials that can be shared and displayed across the web, including social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

How the Badging App Works

The Badging App is an optional add-on to your Questionmark OnDemand service that enables administrators to associate assessment outcomes with digital badges and for participants to "claim" them. 

  • Administrators can select an assessment and associate a badge with a specific outcome of an assessment. In this example, the "Pass" outcome is associated with a specific badge.
  • Participant completes the assessment, achieving the desired outcome.
  • Upon completing and achieving the desired outcome of the assessment, the participant may "claim" the digital badge.

Participant Claims Badge following Assessment Completion

Recognition and Motivation

Digital badges provide benefits and opportunities for companies, universities and certification providers:

    • Certification providers can give candidates a shareable badge, which encourages them to engage with you and promotes your brand. Digital badges also allow micro-credentials and delta credentials to deal with fast-moving technology. 
    • In the workplace, employers can issue badges to provide recognition of e-learning or instructor-led training and for the achievement of competencies which make a business difference. Employers also use badges to recognise other achievements – for example presenting at a conference or making a large sale.
    • Universities and colleges can issue badges to students to show the module make-up in their courses, to encourage or showcase extra achievement or for short courses outside the usual curriculum.

    Give credit where credit is due

    Questionmark's Badging App provides businesses, education providers and associations the means to provide a range of benefits and capabilities to employees, students and candidates:

    • Deliver a digital certificate for passing a test or exam
    • Grant verifiable, portable proof of achievement 
    • Signal completion of a course 
    • Recognise accomplishments, minor and major 
    • Mark pathways to learning with a badge at each step
    • Function as proof of pre-requisite for further learning
    • Provide digital currency to reward learning and achievement
    Give credit where credit is due

    Industry-leading Digital Credential Services from Credly

    Questionmark's Badging App integrates with the industry-leading digital credential platform from Credly. A pioneer in the field of digital credentialing, Credly's services are used by more than 10,000 organisations to help people get recognition for their skills, to connect their verified abilities to opportunities, and to bring happiness, equity and access to every member of the current and future workforce.  The partnership with Credly gives Questionmark customers access to portable, digital and verified achievement credentialing that drives innovation within the employer/employee relationship with training and assessments.

    Industry-leading Digital Credential Services from Credly