Questionmark ADL SCORM support

Launch assessments from SCORM-compliant LMS

You can call Questonmark assessments from any management system compatible with the ADL SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards using Questionmark's Publish to LMS feature. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), produced by the Advanced Distributed Learning organisation (ADL), allows the sharing of content through the use of a defined data model and runtime environment.

How it works

After setting up SCORM support, you use Questionmark's Publish to LMS feature to make a manifest describing your Questionmark assessment. You import this into an LMS at the required point in your course.

A participant then logs into an LMS and is given the assessment, usually in a new window that calls the Questionmark assessment management system. At the end of the assessment, when the participant presses the Home button, the Questionmark window is closed and results are returned to the LMS.

The LMS and Questionmark communicate via the browser, which could in theory be compromised by a participant with technical skill. Therefore the SCORM method of calling Questionmark is not recommended for high stakes assessments.

Launch and Track via SCORM

Supporting industry standards

Question mark is a keen supporter of industry standards. As well as being a SCORM adopter, Question mark also supports IMS Content Packaging, LOM (Learning Object Metadata), IMS QTI and AICC HACP.

Open standards allow people to customise their e-Learning systems by linking the best systems from different vendors and having them all work together. Being able to connect in this way paves the way for a future in which an increasing number of systems will be connected.

Allows you to

  • Integration with a wide array of management systems
  • To work with Questionmark and an LMS installed on different servers
  • To pass total percentage score and topic scores back to the LMS
  • To obtain more detailed information, for example question statistics and item analysis, by using Questionmark's reporting and analytics.