Online Proctoring

Secure. Convenient. Cost-effective.

Exam Integrity. Candidate Satisfaction.

You know the challenges of protecting the security of your exams... You invest time and money to develop your exam only to have the content copied to online databases and exposed to people that don’t have your best interests at heart. Then, candidates have to take time off work and potentially lose income to travel to a brick-and-mortar test centre to take the exam.

Now, you can safely, securely, and conveniently deliver exams to candidates while they’re at work or home, eliminating the need for expensive time off, challenging travel or dealing with test centers.  Questionmark helps you protect your content, the scoring algorithms, reduce cheating, and ensures the validity, reliability, & defensibility of your exams - while giving you the tools to rapidly deploy new exams. 

Questionmark Online Proctoring enables you to ensure the integrity of exam results while reducing costs and enhancing candidate satisfaction.


Benefits of Questionmark Online Proctoring

  • Ensure exam integrity
  • Reduce costs and time-to-market
  • Improve candidate satisfaction 
  • Maintain direct control of your test program
  • Expand global reach 
  • Provide a reliable, predictable candidate experience 
  • Level the playing field for candidates distant from test centers