LDAP Connector


Many organizations that use Perception have an existing directory or database of their staff or students on an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) compatible server, like OpenLDAP or the Microsoft equivalent, Active Directory. LDAP is used to communicate with the centralized database of user permission and access information. LDAP can also be used to authenticate participants due to take an assessment. Perception can easily use the information stored on the LDAP server as a means of authenticating the participants when they log in to take an assessment. In this way they free themselves from the extra maintenance overhead of duplicating in the Perception security database, information that is already on their LDAP server.

How it works

The LDAP Connector is an optional feature of Questionmark Perception Server. Once configured, the LDAP connector provides a special login screen that authenticates participants against the desired LDAP server:

  • Administrator schedules participant to take one or more assessments
  • Participant is notified to login to Perception via the ldap.php login screen
  • Participant submits username/password
  • Perception checks password against LDAP server
  • Once authenticated successfully, participant accesses scheduled assessment(s)


  • Provides participants easy access to Perception assessments - no additional passwords to remember
  • Saves time, money and additional work of maintaining and/or synchronizing multiple participant database
  • Supports commonly deployed implementations of LDAP including Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP

Technical requirements

  • Questionmark Perception 5.1 or higher (with LDAP License enabled)
  • LDAP server such as Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP