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Employees with solid knowledge, skills and attitudes help retailers and restaurant chains maintain consistent standards and deliver excellent customer service -- whether at one location or a thousand. Retail chains can keep centralised control of assessment content and results while providing quick, paperless assessment delivery with instant feedback and results. Why Questionmark?
  • Efficiently onboard new-hires
  • Document the impact of training and development efforts
  • Ensure that employees understand safety practices
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Audit trail for legal defensibility 
  • Manage employees by competencies to improve customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Automatic collation of assessment data 
  • Provide equivalent quizzes and tests for all employees 
  • Manage and delivery multilingual assessments

Collaborative authoring

Questionmark™ Perception™ enables geographically dispersed authors and SMEs to create, review and deploy questions and assessments in shared repositories. Questions can be organised by topics and sub-topics and classified by difficulty levels and other criteria. 

Questionmark Live provides SMEs an easy, collaborative browser-based authoring, complete with version tracking and roll-back features.

Collaborative authoring

Blended Delivery

Questionmark's auto-sensing, auto-sizing delivery features take the guesswork out of blended delivery, enabling you to author an assessment once, schedule it once and then deliver it in as many different ways as they like – including standard web browsers on PCs or Macs and mobile devices such as Blackberry or iPhone. 

Flexible delivery options make it easy to delivery Observational Assessments. Assessments may also be delivered “offline” via Questionmark to Go, or can be printed for scanning in participant’s answers.

Blended Delivery

Reporting and analytics

Questionmark offers many predefined reports and analytics—including item analysis, test analysis, survey reporting and more—that enable you to analyse and share results with stakeholders. Questionmark's reporting and analytics help learning and training professionals determine:

  • What did participants think of the learning experience?
  • What did participants learn from the training or course?
  • How do I coach test takers to improve performance?
  • Are my questions valid and reliable?
  • How did one group of test takers compare to another?

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Reporting and analytics


Perception assessments delivered online is optimised for screen-reader compatibility and support navigation using the keyboard or alternate pointing devices. Participants can easily toggle text size and contrast controls in online assessments.

Services and Consulting

Questionmark provides a range of services aimed at helping organisations

  • Accelerate time to deployment
  • Automate business processes
  • Customise reporting and analytics
  • Deploy and integrate Questionmark with other systems

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